Reflections 2021-2022 Dance Entries


AWARD OF EXCELLENCE - Primary Division

The World is a Rainbow

"I will change the world by making the World in to a rainbow. I will make a road with rainbow because every one likes rainbow and people will be happy."

Lajja Popat


AWARD OF EXCELLENCE - Intermediate Division


I WILL CHANGE THE WORLD BY keeping Mother Earth Clean and Green for living.

Tavisha Samarya

5th Grade


AWARD OF MERIT- Primary Division

Love, Peace, and Equality

I will change the world by spreading Love, Peace, and Equality

Sahanya Penmetsa

1st Grade

AWARD OF MERIT - Intermediate Division

I am a Warrior

"I will change the World by helping people protect themselves and pass on the strength. Here is a good advice - You don't earn with your strength nor your brain. You earn with them together"

Yaana Popat

3rd Grade


Indian Classical Dance

I will change the world by spreading love through my dance.

Medha Ganesh Kumar

3rd Grade

Bharatanatyam (Indian Classical Dance)

The theme is "I will change the world by". My dance form will depict that I will change the world by saving the nature (planet earth). I will represent how happy are tree, thunder, river, animals if we let them free and unharmed. But the human beings are harming the nature for their selfish needs. Request everyone to save the nature and save Mother Earth.

Ira Joshi

3rd Grade