Corporate Donation Gift Match

Thank you for your getting our Fund Development for the 2023-2024 off to a great start!

Steven Millard PTA is a non-profit organization which provides funding for many student actvities, including field trips, assemblies, classroom supplies, library books and other important student programs. PTA also contributes to campus improvements such the MUR sound system, the shade structure over the lunch tables and the purchase of Chrome books, online programs, and disaster preparedness supplies. PTA is not the only fundraiser on campus as Millard teachers also fundraise for programs not funded by PTA. The PTA uses three types of fundraisers; active, passive and service based. 

Active Fundraising

Accounts for about 60% of our operating funds. Active fundraisers are designed for "big return on the dollar" donations. This includes 100% tax deductible donations, company matches, and monthly School Night Out events.

Passive Fundraising

Involves signing up for ongoing programs such as shopping at

Service Fundraising

​​Involves charging for services in order to cover the costs of offering these programs/services, such as Pumpkin Patch, Millard Spirit Apparel and School Yearbook.

Help us support our students by participating in as many of the different fundraising activities as possible. Together we can make a difference on our campus!