Steven Millard Elementary PTA

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The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a non-profit, all-volunteer association established to benefit all students and departments at Millard Elementary School. Any parent/guardian/relative/grandparent/friend or staff at Millard can join the PTA. The PTA brings the staff and parents together enhancing the learning environment of our students by:

- Volunteering our time for school events and projects

- Fostering communication between parents, staff and the district

- Fundraising to help meet school needs that are otherwise unfunded activities

How do I join the PTA?

You can easily join the Millard PTA online and receive an electronic Membership card! Membership dues for the year are $10.50 per person, plus a $1 registration fee. You can also make a tax deductible donation online.

To Join online:

STEP 1: Visit:

STEP 2: Either login with a Facebook account or use an email address to create an account

STEP 3: Select your dues and donation (if applicable), set up payment information*, and submit! Your E-membership card will be emailed to you!

*please contact Millard PTA for information on paying by check

With your Millard PTA membership:

- You show your children that school matters, and that you are invested in their success.

- You demonstrate to your child that success in school is the pathway to college, a career and a productive life!

- You partner with the principal, teachers and staff to make your child's school safe, welcoming, a hub of learning, and a fun place to be.

- You share in campus events and experiences that make your child’s school days more memorable!

- You connect with other parents, and become part of the California State PTA and National PTA, the largest and most powerful children’s advocacy organization in the country.

- You help make sure parents’ and family members’ voices are heard when important decisions that affect your school are made.

Are there meetings?

PTA members are encouraged to attend PTA Association meetings and vote on PTA decisions and bring your ideas to the Association (members of the PTA). We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of September, November, February and April. Usually these meetings are held in the Multipurpose Room on campus.  This year we will alternate between in-person and Zoom meetings.  Information will be sent out and posted on our social media pages in advance. We welcome and encourage PTA members to attend the meetings, as they are used to decide how the PTA spends the money we raise, plans events, and to increase communications among parents and staff. 

Millard students, Millard families and Millard PTA give a BIG THANK YOU to all the Millard staff who work so tirelessly for us. 


Millard PTA depends on volunteers! Volunteers are the most critical asset!!  Get involved in the PTA by volunteering your time and talent to one of the many wonderful programs.  Even if you are a working parent, there are many ways you can help. 

Parent Volunteers Needed!


Fundraising & Memberships

Help us support our students by participating in as many of the different fundraising activities as possible. Together we can make a difference on our campus! 


Millard PTA traditionally supports these valuable programs and services at Millard Elementary. We rely on volunteers to help make these programs available to our students.

PTA funded programs 


Millard PTA has many exciting events throughout the year. Come join and support our events.